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Break Through the Noise. Find out how Email. Slack. Email. Zoom. Town Halls. Email. Zoom. Fireside Chats. Email. Webinars. Email. Messenger. Email. Email. Tweet. Email. Ad infinitum. Start Changing Employee Behavior Within Hours Discover the award-winning employee communication service to create measurable change in your organization. Do it for Me

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Trusted by some of the most admired companies in the world

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Employee communication that is so simple, yet so effective

Ensure They’re Listening
Our patent-pending metrics allow you to know who, what, where, when and how your employees listened to you. Coupled with text messaging, it’s an old, new-way of communicating that just works.
Change Behavior
Integrate with your existing platforms using our API. You’ll you can start to see a full color picture of if and how your communications are affecting the behavior of employees.
Easy Onboarding
How easy is our onboarding? So easy that you’ll be up and running within hours. So, that critical messages you need to get out to all your employees can go out ASAP.

The D.F.Y. Behavior Changer for Your Business

Let us do the heavy lifting. Within hours we can send your first Fieldcom message to thousands (or just a few dozen) employees the same day.

Learn how Fieldcom fits for different use cases.

What Role are You?

I'm a C-suite Executive

Discover how a Fortune 500 CEO used Fieldcom to reach a 99% (yes, 99%!) message penetration and behavior change to help generate $17MM additional revenue.

I'm a Sales Manager

Discover how a sales manager was able to get 93% of sales people to consistently listen to entire 2-3 minute directives about NPIs, promotions and deadlines.

I'm a Corporate Com

Discover how a corporate communicator increased satisfaction levels 53% to “very satisfied” and “delighted” within 60 days of launching Fieldcom.

I'm a HR Manager

Discover how at least 90% of your employees can take action within 90 seconds.


White Paper

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Why Has Fieldcom Proven to be so Effective?
Since we first introduced Fieldcom as a custom solution for a Fortune 500 in 2008, we have bolstered our features, metrics and best practices to create optimal outcomes for our clients.
Years Evolving Fieldcom to be the Most Effective Behavior Changer for Organizations
Boost in ``Very Satisfied`` and ``Delighted`` Employees Within 60 Days
Message Absorption Rate from C-level Executives Who Used Fieldcom

Our Services

Fieldcom Features

Scheduled Messages
Schedule your Fieldcom messages to alert your employees when it’s best for you and them.
Content Production
Our award-winning production department develops compelling visuals, audio and video to engage your
Import Contacts
We import your existing data into the Fieldcom system, saving you hours of manual work.
Panoramic Metrics
Understand who, how and when employees are engaging and acting upon your business-critical messaging.
Rich Content
Send basically anything via text that you can send via email . . . from videos to PDFs.
Push Notifications
Nearly everyone leaves notifications on for text messages, but not always for email or other communications.
Two-Way Messaging
Allow an easy way for employees to be heard by peers and/or management.
Each recipient gets quarterly grades based on their actions to help nurture accountability and behavior changes.
Data Collection
Let your employees simply text message data so it’s updated to your existing CRM or other platform.
Games & Leaderboards
From trivia to action games to Jeopardy®, use our games to drive your desired outcomes.
Strategy, Planning & Scheduling
Take advantage of our deep experience creating campaigns to change employee behaviors.
Our mobile-responsive dashboards are flexible to your needs so you see the metrics when and where you want.
Psychological Insights
Our corporate psychologists analyze data, content and actions to recommend adaptations to create desired outcomes.
Calendar Invites & Reminders
Use Fieldcom to send invites and reminders. No more “I didn’t get the calendar invite” excuses.
Best Practices
Our best practices have been honed over the years to ensure your success.
Government Compliance
Enjoy peace of mind that your Fieldcom program complies with the latest FCC and international regulations.
Keyword & Short Code
Use keywords and short codes to trigger particular actions in your existing systems.
Send only relevant content to specific recipients to increase your behavior changes and help boost ActionGradesTM.
Mass Texting Distribution
Send thousands of messages at once and know which messages, if any, were undelivered.
No Apps to Download
Since there are no apps to download, you can avoid long lines at the IT department.
Quick Setup
Be up and running within hours. You can send your first message (even a brand new audio, visual or video) the same day!
Link Tracking
Understand how particular content works by using our URL link shortener and tracker.
Extended Messaging
No more text talk . . . you can use up to 300 characters (and more for MMS) to avoid sounding like a teenager!
Use autoresponders to answer FAQs or other information.


Capability Deck

Learn about Fieldcom’s capabilities to help turn your good workplace into a great one!

Our Pricing

Fieldcom Service Tiers

2-Way Messaging
Scheduled Messages
Import Contacts
Audio/Video Distribution
Data Collection
Segment Recipients
Create A/V Content
2-Way Messaging
Scheduled Messages
Import Contacts
Audio/Video Distribution
Data Collection
Segment Recipients
Create A/V Content
Clients Are Talking…
Jason R.
Dir. of Sales Enablement, Siemens

“Fieldcom utilizes a technology that everyone is already comfortable with— text messaging: there is no learning curve, no training necessary. We cut through the noise of traditional internal communications and ensure our CEO’s messages are heard—and retained—by leveraging everyone’s familiarity and quick-response behavior with text messages. Fieldcom leveraged its communications expertise to help us strategize and create content that created behavior changes. But perhaps the best feature is the back-end metrics that shows who, what, and when our employees engaged with a message.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally you have questions. Please see if any of your questions are in the FAQ here. If not, just send us a note or engage with our chat.

Does Fieldcom have its own communications professionals to help us construct a messaging campaign?

Yes. In fact, Fieldcom was established by award-winning communicators who served some of the most admired brands in the world. From employee communications to customer communications to crisis communications, our professionals have hands-on experience to converse with you as peers.

Who needs to be involved from our organization?

Typically, one person within your organization needs to serve as “point” from onboarding to program launch. Your Fieldcom account manager will coordinate with any and all stakeholders including IT, HR, telecom, etc. in order to achieve a stress-free onboarding process.

Is this solution only appropriate for sales teams?

Originally it was developed for field sales teams, but now, post-COVID-19, so many employees are decentralized and essentially “in the field.” That’s why we expanded the offering to not only sales, service, and communications teams but also to human resources.

Can you segment messages so that they come from different leaders/line managers and/or go to different groups?


Can segmented messages be tracked by sender, recipient, group?

Yes. As long as data fields are in the system prior to distribution, metrics can be produced based on criteria such as geography, sales, and service region/districts, job titles, etc.

What games are available?

Besides a licensed version of Jeopardy(R), we offer several types of customizable games based on your objectives. Some of these include:
– fast-paced visual matching and memory retention game
– a timed word and sentence puzzle game
– an arcade-style game
– a role-based game that puts players into realistic soft-skill situations (sales, customer service, negotiations, management, etc.) with virtual characters and challenges them to test cause-and-effect decision making across several conversation paths.

If one of our games does not suit you for some reason, we can also create a game for you from scratch.

What is the process for on-boarding mobile phone numbers? Is the process the same for company-owned vs. private devices?

We have a tried and true process that can seamlessly integrate company-owned and private devices. The difference is that any private device must opt in to receive the messages. We handle opt-in via various proven methods including intranet web forms, email forms, text-to-join, signups during town halls, etc.

What format should video be in?

If clients are supplying videos, it can be in any format they like. We handle the conversions.

What is the ideal length of a video or audio message?

We were startled to learn early on in our Fieldcom programs that once people started listening to an audio message, they listened until the very end – regardless of length. The shortest message we produced and distributed was 45 seconds and the longest was 5 minutes. This was less true for video because it’s probably less of a novelty, but the numbers are still generally high. We attribute this to the absolute relevancy and genuineness of the content.

What is the mechanism for analyzing message measurement against KPIs?

Fieldcom uses easy-to-understand visual reports and dashboards to compare message engagement data with KPIs such as increased sales, increased activities, increased employee satisfaction, etc.

What is the maximum number of messages that should be sent to a user each week?

You can send as many messages as you want. From 100 to 1 million+.

If we are comfortable after the initial messaging campaign, can we run the next predominantly ourselves – is it a true SaaS?

Right now, Fieldcom is not D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) SaaS, but we are working with customers to gauge needs.

Which CRMs do you integrate with to measure messages against KPIs?

We integrate with all major CRMs, including but not limited to: Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, ZOHO, Sugar, Sage, Oracle, SAP, etc.

Can we operate this solution across multiple geographies?

Yes, although different countries have different regulations. So, if you want all messages to be sent at certain time, we may have to modify the time in order to comply with local government regulations in the recipient’s country.

Is video and audio held on our servers or yours? If yours, how do you secure it?

Audio and videos are held on client or our servers based on preference. Since some corporate firewalls do not allow some video platforms to work on company devices, we can work with your IT team to find a resolution that makes everyone happy. Sometimes corporate IT teams prefer us to host. Our servers are all cloud-based and secure. They are hosted by industry leaders like Rackspace and Amazon Web Services.

For security, can we maintain a specific location on our servers for all media and documents?

Yes. Just give us your criteria and protocols. We will handle it and then offer you an official report.

Please describe the managed service process from phone number on-boarding to the first message delivery.

Simply put, we handle everything. As professional communicators ourselves, we first establish a clear understanding of the challenge and desired outcomes. From there, we develop a content, distribution, and measurement plan to achieve those outcomes. As a managed service, we’ve had clients tell us they only need to spend an hour or two a month on the program . . .and that’s generally reserved for updating their supervisors on the program’s success!

When can we schedule messages?

You can schedule messages months in advance. And, you can edit, cancel or change the time anytime you want.

When can we get up and running?

Speak with one our sales professionals and you could be up and running within hours.

If the communication is via SMS and MMS, couldn’t we do this ourselves?

If you don’t need to ensure every message will reach its recipient and if you do not need metrics and understanding of your employees’ behavior, then yes, you could do this yourself, especially if you have a lot of time on your hands. There is so much digital noise during the day, you’ll welcome Fieldcom to break through that noise.

How many times can a message be accessed?

Messages can be accessed and consumed an unlimited amount of times or as long as the content is “live” based on client direction.

Do you have a dashboard or monitoring platform so that we can see results updated in real time?

Yes, prior to your program kick-off, we reach consensus with you on your KPIs and then customize dashboards to share that data with you in real time. You will be able to log in to the dashboard via our website, www.fieldcom.io.

How do we manage multiple campaigns where some recipients will be in multiple groups? How do we identify these users?

We offer a “segments” feature that enables different messages and content to be crafted to specific recipients for the utmost relevancy.

Can you deliver messages that automatically show PDFs on a single screen?


If a recipient receives a video message and they are mobile or for some other reason don’t want to run the video, can they just hear the audio track?

Not natively. But sometimes clients wish us to include an audio-only version with distribution, which is no trouble at all.

How does the process of on-boarding phone numbers change for different geographies? UK, Europe, Asia?

The process is the same.

Can you lock/secure messages so that they can’t be shared or opened on another device?

Our audio and video content has a digital rights management (DRM) component to it, but we advise clients: if you wouldn’t want it leaked to the public, you probably shouldn’t release it to multiple people on our platform. If someone seeks to sabotage your efforts, they can always find a way.

We use a gamification suite – can you integrate with 3rd-party gamification solutions?

Yes, we can integrate with any solution that offers an API. Even if your gamification suite does not offer an API, we can still integrate, but that would require more custom coding and wouldn’t be as turnkey as an API.

Which types of messages can you measure?

We measure all messages. Some messages, based on the content delivered, enable more metrics than others. If using audio, video, and/or link, we can understand exactly who has engaged with content, for how long, and, by integrating with your existing systems, what type of action they took as a result of that content. On the other side, a simple text message . . . with no audio, video, or link, can be measured in terms of whether the message was delivered to their phone and whether an action took place or a behavior changed.

We already have content we want to reuse – what are the constraints on re-purposing existing content?

There are some file size constraints that we will have to navigate, but generally there aren’t constraints. Anything you have can be repurposed by our team.

Can I start by sending just one message as a trial?

Sure, if you’d like. If you’re trying to achieve a specific behavior change, we recommend a dedicated program though.

Once we have phone numbers in the system, can we just send messages on an ad-hoc basis?

Yes, if that’s what you prefer.

Can we automatically send the same message to other messaging applications?

Yes, we can integrate with other messaging applications if that’s your desire.

How much time would individuals in our company need to give to a project besides video and audio creation?

One to three hours per month.

How quickly will we know if the messages are successful or not?

Some clients see improved behavior change in as little as one month, but generally after three months, trends start to develop and desired outcomes start to be reached.

Can your measurement and analysis engine be used to measure our existing communication applications such as email?

Yes, but most companies have those capabilities in-house or through their email service/provider, and they may just not be aware of them yet.

Can we buy the solution to use ourselves?

There are a few instances where private label can make sense, but we generally avoid those arrangements right now.

How long does it take to send 10,000 messages?

With Fieldcom, it takes about 60 seconds.

How do you test messages for accuracy, content, and “look and feel?”

We value the importance and integrity of brand compliance. During our setup phase, we ask clients to share their brand standards, style guides, etc. with us so we are brand-compliant. All content needs to go through your normal approval channels before we release anything to anyone.

Can we upload message results to our own analytics engine or CRM?

Yes. But we will need to know criteria and what your desired outcome is so our engineers can properly address your needs.

If we run a game/quiz alongside spiffs, can we integrate the results into a single view?

Yes. And we also now offer plug-ins with the major video conference providers so employees can participate together in real time and be moderated by a “game show host.”

We already use a bulk email provider for our customer-focused messages – can we use your service but have them send out the messages, which might be cheaper?

How do you manage PDFs and other formats on the device so that they can be easily stored, found, and viewed on the recipient’s device?

For easy storage and recall, we recommend JPGs be saved to a device’s camera roll. Otherwise, other files can be saved to the device’s storage or file directory, or a company’s Dropbox or other cloud service.

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